Wednesday, April 14

Kayaking, tubing and more on the Broad

Kayaks ready for the river

On Easter weekend 2019, rain fell hard and heavy in Toccoa, Lavonia and other places. No one thought much about it, but for the Broad river kayak companies, it dealt a devastating blow. “The water moved in 20ft waves until 2 in the morning,” said Katey Heath of Slow Water in Franklin Springs. Slow Water lost many of their kayaks and canoes, an all of their tubes. The Sandbar down in Bowman, lost 165 kayaks. Both have recovered many of the boats from helpful people down river, but the tubes were a total loss. So, Slow Water is beginning its season by moving the tons of sand dumped by the raging waters and blowing up all new tubes for their customers.

Tons of sand from storm

There are 3 companies along the Broad River from Franklin County down to Madison. Slow Water is located off Hwy 29, just below Franklin Springs. Daniel Walker and Heath operate Slow Water. They offer kayaking, canoeing and tubing down the river. They have a put in a few miles up the river. You take a leisurely couple of hours to paddle or tube, back to the take out. The trip is enchanting. Great Blue Herons are nesting and there are enough turtles plopping into the river for it to the the Broad Turtle river. Several times, I came around a tree or a bend in the river to come upon wood ducks, who would quack a bit and then join me in my journey for a while. It is a perfect stretch of the river to bring children. It is easy and uncrowded and if you fall out? “Well, just stand up,” chuckles Heath, who knows the average depth of the river is only about knee deep. There are no big rapids, just a couple of little ripples enough to give kids a little thrill.

If the water lever is low or isn’t your thing or you are looking for other outdoor fun, try an ATV. Heath has several runs that are all contained on the property. You can bring your own 4-wheeler or rent one at the facility. Guiness or “Pig Dog” as he is affectionately know will help you pick out the best vehicle for fun.

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