Wednesday, April 14

Indoor, Winter Farmer’s Market

How exciting to stumble upon a farmer’s market open in the depth’s of January’s chill! Not only is it open in the Winter, but it is full of great items to add to your winter larder. The brainchild of Forx Farms (see link to story about them) the market is open every other weekend beginning in late fall and continuing until the end of April when traditional farmer’s market begin to reopen. Housed in a cavernous warehouse, vendors line both sides of the hall.

Aside from the winter dates, the other defining characteristic of the market is the array of items offered for sale. You will find the traditional winter and early Spring items from the garden, gorgeous lettuce, spinach rutabagas and so forth; however, you will also find hothouse tomatoes, ready to eat casserole and soups, Forx Farm cheeses that you may sample, Split Creek cheese and wonder of wonders, grass-fed beef, pork and chicken. There are also home-made jams, jellies and baked goods as well as crafts. At the end of the market, a restaurant offers sausage biscuits for the early risers and delicious BBQ for the later customers.

The Market is locate at Forx Farms, 5575 Dobbins Bridge Rd. Forx Farm hyper link here. For Hartwell folks, if you turn at the silos off Anderson Highway, go on down until you come to the gas station on the right, you will see the bright yellow and red sign for Forx Farms. Travel about a mile or so and you will see the farm on the right.

Next market date is Saturday, April 27th beginning at 9am. See you there!

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