Wednesday, April 14

In memoriam – Tyshon Dye

Throughout history, football fans in our area have been blessed with many great players. Beginning in 2010, one such player lead the Elbert County Blue Devils to 3 play off appearances, while trilling fans of all schools with his unique blend size, power, and speed.

Tyshon Dye was a 6’1 210 lb running back and linebacker for the Blue Devils between 2010 and 2012. During those three seasons, Dye rushed for all most 3400 yards while scoring 45 touchdowns. On defense, Dye played middle linebacker for one of the best defensive teams in our area. Dye’s success on the playing field earned him multiple All-State Honors while playing for Elbert County.

He also played basketball while at Elbert.

After finishing at Elbert, Dye played running back for Dabo Sweeney and the Clemson Tigers before transferring to East Carolina, where he earned his degree in parks, recreation, and management.

This past Friday, while enjoying a family outing on Lake Russell, Dye lost his life in a drowning accident.

in a statement, Dye’s former coach, Sid Fritts said of Dye,” a tremendous player. He was an incredible young man.”

Services for Tyshon Dye will be Saturday, July 13, at 2 pm at the Elberton First Baptist Church, with the family receiving friends Elbert County Comprehensive High School Multipurpose Room following the service.

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