Wednesday, April 14

Earle Street Review

I am a huge proponent of shopping and eating locally. I will not get on my soapbox, well, just a little, when we eat at our local restaurants, we are supporting not only a local family, but also our own community. Taxes and profits stay in the community and one of the first things that a restaurant, whether chain or individual, looks at in a community, is how well does that community support the restaurants already in the community. So stay LOCAL!

However, as a character on a local opinion show explained to me, we live in Mayberry. When you live in Mayberry, sometimes you want to go to Mt Pilot. And let’s face it, Target and other great shopping lures are all in our Mt. Pilot, Anderson – The Electric City. So while the purpose of our website is to promote all things in our region, we will cover some great, non-chain, places to eat while you are visiting……..Mt. Anderson…..

One of our favorite places to go is Earle Street Market. is located on West Earle Street in downtown Anderson. You can actually see it under the bridge. Be careful when you use your navigation, the restaurant is almost under the bridge, not further up the street as Ms Navigation may lead you to believe. 

The first thing you will notice is the exterior. Painted black with a lot of windows, the color allows the flowers outside to pop and gives it a more urban look. Inside, the open expanse is filled with light from windows and skylights. There is a long bar where you may sit to wait, or sit, eat and enjoy a wonderful libation. There are tables scattered about and a room off the front for private parties. 

The Menu is eclectic with a mix of southern favorites as well as latin delights. Prices range from $12-$22. All are sophisticated takes and feature local produce as well as local favorite, Split Creek Farm’s goat cheese. I ordered the Jerk Chicken and it was one of the best I have ever had. All of the sides are familiar southern favorites. They are open Tues-Sat for lunch and 11-2 on Sunday for Brunch. Try it next time you are in Anderson and tell us what you think!

My Jerk Chicken entree

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