Wednesday, April 14

Month: April 2019

Come visit the Hart County Botanical Garden!

The Hart County Botanical Garden, located in Hartwell at 1277 Elberton Hwy, is a seven-acre treasure featuring 17 specialty gardens, two tall wooden arbors, a large covered pavilion, an open air amphitheater, and a fun children’s play structure. In addition to abundant shade, a reliable breeze, constant bird song and bevies of butterflies, there are paths, benches, bridges and overlooks. The garden is also a Poke Stop for Pokeman Go players, an official geocache site currently offering two caches, and a destination for kids of all ages to leave and pick up painted rocks. Open seven days a week, the garden is free to visit and pets are allowed on leash. A trip through the garden begins under the arbors with the Sun Perennial Garden. One of the oldest and well-established areas in the garden, bright colors abound year-round. The adjacent Butterfly and Herb Gardens offer an abundant habitat to…